Mira Mira

Los Músicos de José

Since 1996, the four member band from Mexico City make powerful instrumental music similar to funk aimed at the feet, the guts, and the two hemispheres of the brain. Alongside Polytropos, a cultural film house with the aim of supporting and promoting emerging artists, my team and I designed and animated neon lights to evelate the storytelling.

Video recorded in Madrid, Spain by Polytropos A.C. Thanks to Siclo Spain and the volunteers who participated in the video!


Polytropos, a cultural film house that supports and promotes emerging artists, asked me to experiment with ways to elevate the message of the music video Mira Mira of the Mexican funk band Los Músicos de José.


In close collaboration with the director and co-founder Luis Felipe Ferra, my team and I developed a mostly frame-by-frame animation alongside titles, logo adaptations, and credits to establish a world in which Mira Mira and its characters are elevated.

Why neon?

There is a great contrast between the properties of the everyday materials around us and neon. The attractive, sensational and malleable light of neon not only has a unique style recognized for grabbing attention, but it is also three-dimensional, paints its surroundings with its luminescent property after absorbing considerable high voltage power and brings with it an atmosphere that goes according to the song and the video clip. This allows us to communicate in a vibrant and sexy way the excerpts of the lyrics by referring to the signage famous for stopping traffic, heighten the emotions and actions of the characters by turning their features or movements into silhouettes, lines or figures of light that respond to the energy and rhythm of the piece. Thus we establish a world in which Mira Mira and its message, the emotions and actions of the characters are manifested with light. The neon elements become an extension of the song and the characters in the video. Therefore, in moments like María's video call with Charlot, we can not only link their cell phones with the colour of their respective neons but we can also replace the expressions of the vocalist with emoticons when he is out of frame, to mention an example.

Flow of energy

Within this world, we establish a flow of energy. On the one hand, the energy emerges from the piece by Los Musicos de José, the coach receives it in her headphones, transmits it around her and then to her class. On the other, Charlot, being part of the song, communicates with Maria on the same level and elevates her until she transcends into a neon realm.


Pantalla de Cristal Award

This video won the Pantalla de Cristal Best Post/VFX award and was nominated for Best Editing, Best Cinematography and Best Score.


Directed and produced by Polytropos A.C.

Direction: Luis Felipe Ferra
Production: Valeria Estefan
Photography: Diego Vargas
Talent: Maria Medina
Colorist: Diego Vargas
Editing: Luis Felipe Ferra
Motion Design: Arturo Acevedo (me) y Sarah Quintana
Motion Design Assistants: Diana Castañeda, Daniela Ordoñez y Carlos Hernández

Staff Síclo: Leticia Oderiz, Haydee Cardoso, Alejandro Ramos, Pedro de Garay y Lorena Rodríguez Sodupe

Extras: Julia Fabiola Goncalves, María Esthér Goncalves, Susana Char, Vanesa Char, Carlos Alberto Calles, Carmen Sofía Erviti, Victoria Fidalgo y Alejandro Tortosa.

Hand Model: Mathias Thomsen

Filmed in Madrid, Spain. 2020.