Creating a neon world for Mira Mira

Mira Mira by Los Músicos de José

Video recorded in Madrid, Spain by Polytropos A.C. Thanks to Siclo Spain and the volunteers who participated in the video!

Since 1996, the four-member band from Mexico City make powerful instrumental music. Alongside Polytropos, my team and I designed and animated neon lights to elevate the storytelling.

The mission

Experiment with ways to unite the elements of the music video Mira Mira of the Mexican funk band Los Músicos de José.

The outcome

A mostly frame-by-frame animation, titles and credits to establish a world that expresses through neon. Elevating the video to a new narrative.

The impact

The music video has become a favourite for the band. It won the Best Post/VFX awards by Pantalla de Cristal and nominated for 3 other recognitions.

Roles  —

Design lead
Tracking & Roto

Software  —

After Effects
Cinema 4D

Timeline  —

Preproduction: 2w
Production: 3m
Postproduction: 1w

Awards  —

Won Best Post/VFX and was nominated for Best Editing, Best Cinematography and Best Score. Recognized by Pantalla de Cristal.

Press  —

Short interview and promotion at EstatusTV.





Directed and produced by Polytropos A.C.

Direction: Luis Felipe Ferra
Production: Valeria Estefan
Photography: Diego Vargas
Talent: Maria Medina
Colorist: Diego Vargas
Editing: Luis Felipe Ferra
Motion Design: Arturo Acevedo (me) and Sarah Quintana
Motion Design Assistants: Diana Castañeda, Daniela Ordoñez and Carlos García.

Staff Síclo: Leticia Oderiz, Haydee Cardoso, Alejandro Ramos, Pedro de Garay and Lorena Rodríguez Sodupe

Extras: Julia Fabiola Goncalves, María Esthér Goncalves, Susana Char, Vanesa Char, Carlos Alberto Calles, Carmen Sofía Erviti, Victoria Fidalgo and Alejandro Tortosa.

Hand Model: Mathias Thomsen

Filmed in Madrid, Spain. 2020.

Copyright © Arturo Acevedo. All rights reserved