Nota Dominante is the first TV Series entirely dedicated to Mexican Jazz
Produced by the cultural filmmaking company Polytropos A.C.
The cinematographic series Nota Dominante is the moral sequel to Resiliencia por una Nota, the documentary of the Big Bang Jazz of Mexico. Nota Dominante of Valeria Estefan is an contemporary product, where Mexican Jazz – breaths at vanguard. In Nota Dominante, Jazz is the protagonist. And throughout this representation made of the fifteen most important figures of the genre, discover how Mexican Jazz is positioned, its last achievements and its impressive emerging, including new challenges and opportunities.
Directed by the cineast Luis Felipe Ferrá and photographed by Rodrigo Rodríguez, the series is divided 3 parts: the first being a capsule, with biographic, anecdotic y musical information about the interviewed figure. Then, an interview–where the musician gives its proposals. And finally, an original video clip, filmed by Polytropos.
The fundamental importance of the fifteen capsules of Nota Dominante is that the musicians leave their instruments aside to talk – uncensored and with the liberty of a coffee talk – about their plans, concerns and new productions.
By law,  the Jazz musicians only performs to the public when playing, but there is just few chances to listen the reasons behind the notes. This original and fully Mexican series fills that large hole, where finally – the musician.

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