I will show you how to restart your Wacom tablet driver with a press of a shortcut. The key to this is scripting, particularly AppleScript, and a way to run that script.

The AppleScript

on run
	set app_name to "WacomTabletDriver"
	do shell script "killall " & app_name
	delay 1
	tell application app_name to activate
end run

It's very barebones. It looks up the driver process and kills it, then waits one second and runs it again. That's it.

Run the script

I run the script via Keyboard Maestro so I just need to press some keys in my keyboard, but you could run an executable (you can download it here) via Spotlight or Alfred. I run the script, wait few seconds and the tablet works again.

Keyboard Maestro Integration

So that's how you restart your Wacom tablet with AppleScript! I wish you a bug-free drawing session!


If for any reason, the driver stops but doesn't restart, you can run it manually by:

Just a little visual aid.
  1. Open the Wacom Tablet folder in your application folder (⇧⌘A to get to the Applications folder in Finder)
  2. Hit ⇧⌘. to reveal hidden files.
  3. Open the folder called “.Tablet”.
  4. Run the app called “WacomTabletDriver.app”
  5. Hit ⇧⌘. again to hide those files.
  6. That’s it!

You could also try increasing the delay in the AppleScript to 2 or more to give the computer more time.